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Wash, Cut and Blow Dry

Relax Yourself with warm wash with head massage, trim and blow dry of your choice: go straight or have a bouncy do!

from £37

Wash, Restyle Cut and Blow Dry

Relax Yourself with warm wash with head massage, restyle cut of your choice or get advise from one of our experienced stylists. Add blow dry of your choice: go straight or have a bouncy do!

from £41


Relax with wash, head massage and either restyle cut or just a trim!

from £19

IN AND OUT - Gents Cut

Clippers cut with blended top. Perfect for a Gent who has no time!


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Cutting for Kids

Something For Little Ones

This service is designed for little ones, under 12 years old, who can't sit still for too long. A little wet/dry trim to get rid of all split ends!


Something For A Little Older Ones

Wash, cut and Blow Dry for kids/teenagers between 12-16 years old. We don't tend to offer dry cut, because we want them to have perfect hair, the way that you do and dry cut can never guarantee perfection.

from £25

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Root Retouch

Touch up your roots, say bye bye to your natural colour or/and greys

from £52

All Over Colour

One colour all over your hair

from £67

Full Head of Foils

Whether just to break up your colour or to create an illusion of Full Head of Colour! Please bare in mind that we may need in between colour to even out colour if your regrowth is bigger than an inch and a half. In between colour is also great to add different tones rather than putting highlights and lowlights. In between colour is between £15-20 extra.

from £87

3/4 Head of Foils

Do you want something more than Half Head of Foils but not really a Full Head? Do you tie your hair up and you don't have enough time for Full Head? We will cover sides, parting and hair line underneath.

from £80

Half Head Of Foils

Don't have time for Full Head Of Foils? It's okay! Half Head will cover your sides and parting! It's designed for smaller regrowth than 3 quarters of an inch.

from £75


You hear BALAYAGE but what is it? It's a free hand technique of painting the hair and it also involves melting 2 (or more) colours to achieve that flawless transition of darker into lighter colour. It can be low maintanance.

from £100


If you have been to us for Balayage and would like it refreshed this option is for you! A little bit of free hand painting and a little bit of colour melting and Voila!

from £78

Colour Correction

Something went wrong with your hair? Are you converting from home colour to professional? Colour Correction is what you may be required. It may involve a lot of knowledge, a lot of time and also a lot of product. We are experts in colour and we are here to help!

* Price on consultation

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Just A Little Blow Dry To Lift Your Mood

Relax with wash, head massage and Blow Dry of your choice: either straight or bouncy! You can always add extra long head massage with quick treatment for only £5 extra!

from £25

Have Your Hair Up!

Going out? Are you a guest at the wedding? Here is your MAKE OVER!

from £30

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DS Intensive Moisture Treatment

Boost dry and dull hair with moisture mask, which will revive your hair, add shine and softness


Split Ends Treatment

Innovative treatment by Brazilian Blowout to seal your split ends for 4 weeks and help your hair grow! Also great to soften coarse hair. We would wash your hair, apply treatment and blow dry it in.

from £20

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