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We care about your hair and experience, which is why we only use professional and high quality products and tools to give you the most sophisticated look you desire.


From the moment you walk in to the moment you leave, we offer you relaxing and friendly service.


We offer satisfaction guarantee with all our services and products. If you are unhappy, we're not happy.


We want to be a successful salon, which is why we are working hard for our Clients.


Sit down and enjoy your experience with deep conditioning treatment and head massage and complimentary refreshments.


All our products are Vegan friendly and Perfume Free. We believe in protecting nature and environment.




From the moment you walk in to the moment you leave, we offer you relaxing and friendly service.

My name is Marta Davies and I'd like to tell you a bit about our Salon.


Every business starts small.

And so did we!

Prior to our salon being founded in October 2015, I was working mobile going to my Clients homes and occasionally working from little room at my house.

Originally, I never wanted to own or run a salon.

Very fast I realised that I couldn't do it, not only because I was very poplar for bookings but also it started interfering in my private life.

I found little property at heart of Market Drayton and turned it to a little hair studio. We have been working there for 2.5 years when property next door came available. It was so much brighter, warmer and so much more classy. I remember like it was yesterday, I was so worried that we are going to at least double our outgoings mainly because of massive rent increase and being bound by 5 year contract. Honestly, looking back now, it was one of the best decisions I've ever made and couldn't look back now!

Our brand new salon blossomed and it continues to blossom!

We hire only the most talented hair stylists with high standards of work, have most amazing Salon Guests and create flawless colours and styles.

Hair By Marta has grown so much but when we reached full capacity of growth we needed extra help which helped from my fiancé Gaz. Gaz joined us as another company director and took so much pressure of admin work which meant I could focus more on creating beautiful hair for our Salon Guests. You all may not see him very often, but he's an absolute asset to our Team and would be completely lost without him.

Ernesta is absolutely incredible too!

Up to first Lockdown she was a junior Stylist. We had no choice but to throw her into deep water when Lockdowns were finished and she grew to be such a talented and outstanding Stylist.

I wanted to create a salon in which not only we do incredible hair but also to make Salon Guests feel relaxed and like home. A salon in which we would be able to either wind down or talk any topics. I remember, when I was first studying hairdressing, we were always told not to talk taboo subjects with Guests because it may be offensive and I thought what sort of person I'd be if I was pretending to be someone else. Our Salon isn't a church and we talk all possible subjects and topics. We treat all Salon Guests like long lost friends or friends because it is nicer. 

We created a safe place to talk about anything.

We welcome all genders, all sexualities - we believe you should be whoever you want to be as long as you're happy!

That also reflects in hair.


We hear very often "I'm too old to have this colour" - nope! Just do you! If you really believe something isn't for you we fully support you but if you're 80 years old and decide to have rainbow hair - we've got your back!

If you're 16 or over and want to look different to what society expects from you - we've got your back!

Or if you want to have natural looking hair or just simply no greys - we've got your back too! And we won't tell anyone that you had any greys - but what greys? it's all natural of course!

Everyone is always welcomed at our Salon!

There's few services we decided not to provide and that's hair cuts for kids under 12 years old, occasional hair ups and mens cuts. Partly, it's because of a personal preference and partly because we want to focus on what we love doing and its colours and ladies cuts.

Hair colours completely run through veins of all our Stylists. 

We live for it, we breathe it.

It's just our thing and we specialise in it.

Colour can never go without cut and style.

It runs through our veins too and fully compliments a hair colour.

Yes, we realise that some colours take some time- 4/5h, but there's no way around it. Certain looks take time unfortunately. We hope that during that time we can entertain you with conversations, nice coffee made from professional coffee machine or soon to come fully licenced alcohol bar!

We are always looking forward to meeting new people, new Salon Guests and we love making you feel beautiful.

Thank you for supporting our business!

Thank you for being nice!

We hope to see you all soon whether youre a new Salon Guest, long lost Salon Guest,

regular Guest or just a friend of our Guest!

me and gaz salon.jpg


We want to be a successful salon, which is why we are working hard for our Clients.

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