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My name is Marta Power.


I'm an independent woman, mum and I'm Lead Stylist, Colour Expert and owner of Hair By Marta, small hair salon in Market Drayton.

I'm here to tell you my story.














It all started with the birth of my son Lee. When I held him for the first time in my arms, I knew I wanted him to be proud of me. I knew, I needed to be more successful than I ever was before. I'm very ambitious, but up to now I couldn't find myself, I couldn't  fit in, I hated my job. I was an employee in one of the leading supermarkets. Every day I was either working at tills or stocking shelves. I felt like I couldn't progress anywhere. I was hungry for a nice career and I wanted Lee to look up to  me too.

I don't know how, when or where but hairdressing popped into my head. I was never a girly girl, when I was a teenager - I was a proper tomboy and the baggier the clothes the better I felt. With Lee going on to 6 months old I have decided to go back to college to learn hairdressing craft.  A very girly thing for a tomboy! My (now ex) husband was, at the time, working with The British Army and we were based in Inverness. I knew we will be moving and I knew I needed a skill to take with me wherever we go. I thought I could also save on childcare costs,  because I could work from home. I signed up for taster course in hairdressing. I was a bit unsure of it at first and most of the girls were younger than me - I was 27 and they were in there 17s-18s. I started going to college and even though everything seemed very strange, I was really enjoying learning  new skill. I went on to the next level and within 6 months gained my level 2 qualification. Why so fast? I wanted it but also my partner's work required us to move to Tern Hill in Shropshire.

I was extremely proud of myself that I have gained a qualification. I wanted to find a salon I could work in and gain more knowledge. I printed my CVs and went on a job hunt to most of the local hair salons in Market Drayton and all I met was rejection.  I was disappointed, because I wanted it so badly! I still needed to work, but I couldn't get any job I went for. I decided to do some work as mobile hairdresser and I was working from my home, from little box room. I was surprised to see how many people  wanted to Book in with me. It started slowly but I was growing.


One day, on a Saturday late evening, a Lady knocked at my door. She asked me to do her hair. I said I can't because it's 9pm and it's Saturday. I understood then, that it's too much. It felt like my career and home life don't go together anymore. I needed to make changes.

I have decided to rent a room in town and give my services from there. After 3 weeks, I have realised that it wasn’t working for me and having a room isn't good enough. I found a little shop  nearly in the heart of Market Drayton and I opened a salon  with a budget of only £1000. It was very basic but I thought “Hey, Rome wasn't built in a day”! I kept reinvesting everything I had to do it up better and better.



In April 2018, an opportunity came to take over a bigger shop. I went for it, without even thinking too much and I think it was the best decision I have ever made! I upgraded from 3 stations to 5 stations. I am now hiring 4 Girls. It's a beautiful little place with so much creativity! To me, it's not only a hair salon - it's my second home. I love it with every piece of my bone.



All this wouldn't happen without support from family and friends.



Finally, I feel that my son would be proud of me.

Finally, I feel that I have achieved something.

Finally, I'm me.


But I’m still hungry for more, so rest assured more is coming!


All my journey wasn't just all good. I had problems like everyone. So if any of you think it was as easy as pulling out a packet of crisps from the cupboard - please don't be fooled!


During my journey, I lost 2 pregnancies, family members, split up from my husband and been apart from my family (they live in Ireland and Poland), haven't seen my boy as often as I wanted and most recently got diagnosed with Hashimoto disease. My journey wasn't easy and I had to work for it. Sleepless nights and stress.


Would I do it again? Of course I would!  I love what I do and my best reward is to see my Guests smiling and my boy proud of me!



On my journey I have also met a lot of other professionals, who with either advise, moral support or education helped me.

One of them people, who I will be forever grateful for is Paul Callaghan.

This amazing stylist gave me my confidence and thought me a lot about colouring.

And I must also mention Ruby Devine for allowing me to come to your class.

Without you my balayage would be still in nappies!

Also, HPS crowd - David and Nicole Barnett, who are just amazing in what they do and I'm looking forward to learning more  from you!


I have worked with amazing stylists and make up artists at photo shoots and they all made me who I am and made me see the world different. I have worked with few different hair company's from who I learnt my lessons from. I've been to London to work at  Top Model Worldwide. I have been nominated at The English Hair And Beauty Awards for Customer Service Of The Year 2018. I have won Bronze Medal as Colour Technician Of The Year 2018 in The British Hair and Beauty Awards. I’ve travelled to Finland as part of Trill Tribe for Trillion Tones. And now again I am nominated as Colour Technician of The Year 2020 at The English Hair and Beauty Awards.


I'm now looking forward to the future, running a very busy salon with my stylists.

My perfect Team is complete and I can't wait for the future!

Most of all, I am looking forward to guest you all in my salon and make you feel beautiful and pampered with relaxing head massages, services and colour formulas designed specially for YOU.

I'm very grateful to everyone, who I met on my journey.

Thank you for being here for me!

Sending you all my love,

Marta xx



From the moment you walk in to the moment you leave, we offer you relaxing and friendly service.


We want to be a successful salon, which is why we are working hard for our Clients.