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Hair By Marta

Colour Warranty

We all want our hair colours to last the longest possible, colour not to fade and grow out nicely.


At Hair By Marta, we want you hair colour to last the longest time possible and help you with maintenance.


We know, that ideally, you would like to save your time and money and come as little as possible for hair appointments, but still maintain the colour we have created for you and the look of the colour that you love so much.

In order to protect your colour and give you best results possible, we have created

Hair By Marta Colour Warranty.

  • Maximise colour longevity

  • Protect vibrancy and tone

  • Lower maintenance

  • Healthier and nourished hair

  • Less potential breakage

  • Protection for hair from external environment

  • Shiny hair

  • Protection for further colouring

  • Lower cost of hair upkeep

  • Protection of your money and time investment

  • Beautiful and expensive looking hair all year round

  • And many, many more


How do you opt-in to Hair By Marta Colour Warranty?

Every single Salon Colour Guest opts-in to HBM Colour Warranty automatically, however, to make your warranty valid you need to follow our Hair By Marta Aftercare plan.

Hair By Marta Aftercare Plan

  • Wash hair less frequently – the more you wash the quicker your colour will fade.

  • Wash hair in cooler water – warm water accelerates detergent to open up hair cuticle wider and makes pigment come out quicker out of hair.

  • Use our Salons products recommended by one of our Stylists.


  • Conditioner and hair masks are your new best friends – after colouring hair lacks moisture and without moisture it starts to dry out, hair cuticle cracks and colour fades out faster through gaps. Adding moisture prevents it.

  • Use conditioner after every single wash and mask once per week – all depending on colour that we have created for you (see further information in guideline). Shampoo is a detergent which opens outer layer of the hair and its molecules attach itself to dirt and grease which you rinse out while washing. If you do not use conditioner/mask after wash, you leave your hair shaft wide open and prone to more damages not only from environment but also mechanical damages like hair snapping.

  • Protect your hair from sun – one of the biggest colour vibrancy or tone killer is UV light coming from the sun. Make sure you cover your hair in prolonged exposure to sun, specially when youre near the sea. Mixture of sun and salt that is in the air is an ultimate colour killer.

  • Protect your hair from chlorine. Chlorine sucks the natural oils from your hair and skin, leaving them dry, rough and damaged. Chlorine can also cause chemical reactions in your hair, changing the natural and artificial colour of your hair, weakening each hair strand. Chlorine can also cause more split ends.

  • Allow your hair to dry naturally. Constant blow drying can burn out moisture, make hair brittle, dry and cause more split ends. Use heat protector recommended by your Stylist for blow drying.

  • Straighten your hair less – only straighten your hair after blow dry on lowest possible temperature. To tame your hair after blow dry you’d only need a temperature of around 170 degrees and for extra resistant hair maximum of 200 degrees. Use recommended heat protector as well. Don’t straighten your hair when it’s dirty as this will cause damage and burning to cuticle (outer layer of hair) and cause burnt and split ends. Straightening weakens hair and causes colour to fade faster.

  • Use satin pillowcase if you feel that you hair is being ripped out or tangled at the back of your head. Satin allows hair to slide on pillowcase, while cotton makes hair rub and rip out.

  • Follow recommended Hair By Marta Colouring Timeframe (see details below).

  • Follow healthy and balanced diet to nourish hair from the inside.

  • Drink plenty of fluids



Follow general guideline for HBM Aftercare.

Your hair will need extra moisture, but be careful not to over use mask. Protein is the source of moisture, but too much of it can cause hair to be brittle. If your blonde is too yellow looking use recommended purple shampoo once a week – you can start it no earlier than 2 weeks after colour or when you first start noticing warm tones coming through. Less drying and straightening will be always better for your hair.

Brunettes, Reds and Violets:

Follow general guideline for HBM Aftercare.

Brunette tones can fade a little sooner depending on shade. If your brunette colour is very warm in tone, it may fade sooner. If your colour is red or violet, you can purchase SensiDO Mix & Match at our salon – custom made colour top up for home use, which allows you to keep colour vibrancy for longer.

Rainbow Hair:

Follow general guideline for HBM Aftercare. Wash as little as possible in as cold water as possible. Pigments that you have in your hair are not permanent and will not only fade out but also can leak into another. Cold water wash prevents from not only colour pigments leaking into another but also prevent from colours fading as fast in general. Less straightening and blow drying is recommended.


Hair By Marta Colouring Timeframe:



6-8 weeks

(even if you’re growing your hair)


Root Touch Up

4-6 weeks


All over colour

6-8 weeks


Balayage and Melt

8-20 weeks in general

Very light blonde 8-12 weeks

Other Balayage up to 20 weeks


Colour Melt

8-10 weeks

(Tip for preserving colour: Colour Melt can be used to prolong Balayage and Melt in between appointments. Your Stylist will recommend best approach to maintain your Timeframe)

Blonde Me

Every 6-8 weeks

(if you leave your appointment for longer, then we can’t guarantee same results, even lift of colour and your appointment may cost more)


Every 6-8 weeks

(Tip for preserving colour: switching between T-section, Half Head and Full Head of Foils will not only preserve your blonde but also preserve condition of your hair and save you money)

Full list of Term and Conditions is available on request

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