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Price List Guide

This price list is ONLY a guide. For more information and more detailed price list go to BOOK NOW tab below. Prices vary on Stylist.



Our Complimentary Consultation Service is required for every new or returning Guest. Whether it's colour or cut, we have 15 minutes reserved just for you to talk about your hair desires, new looks followed by necessary skin test.

Hair Extensions Consultation     


We all want long or fuller locks! During 20 minutes consultation we will talk about your expected look, hair colour to match and we will go through after care and prices.

Highlight Me


T-Section (hair line and parting only)                         from £50.00

Have you got no time at all but need more blonde around your face? T-Section foiling is just for you! Just few custom placed foils will extend lastingness of your highlights.

Half Head and Hair Line

from £60

Half Head of foils with hair line around the back of your head. This gives you a pretend look of full head of highlights (and nobody needs to know that it isn't).

Full Head of Foil Work

from £75

Full head of Foils, which means we will do all the hairline, all parting and back of the head.

Thicken It Up (cropped hair only)

from £50

Add some thickness and dimension to your cropped and short hair by adding some foils!

Halo Highlights

from £60

Halo Highlights have been designed for you and lack of time and simple maintenance of full head of foils. We will highlight hair line all the way around your head and through the parting. This gives an impression of full head of foils and maintains already existing highlights 

Natural + Sunkissed

from £80

Natural and Sunkissed glossy balayage. Can be low maintenance. Recommended for wavy and curly hair adding just a little bit of colour and texture. 

Balayage and Melt

from £120

Multi tonal and dimensional balayage. Blend of different tones making your hair look more alive and adding some extra colour - either natural or vibrant.

Glossy Colour Melt

from £80

Have you got previous Balayage? Is it still good but maybe needs some roots done and general refresh? Or some more tones adding to it? Colour Melt is quick and super yummy and glossy! Colour Melt is perfect if you don't want to bring blonde any higher just add some tone.

Mini Balayage

from £95

Don’t have time for full on Balayage? 

We will lighten your hair around hair line and just through the parting so you can still tie hair up or wear it down and follow it with little Colour Melt (as normal).

This service will make your existing balayage look decent enough until you have time for longer colour service.

Rootage and Essentials

Goodbye Roots

from £50

Naughty roots are growing faster than we think! And we see them even more when they're grey! Our colours give full grey coverage! And remember, root touch up isn't only for grey hair!

All Over Colour

from £65

One all over colour for your hair. 

This service doesn’t include removing old colour and putting new one on and also this service IS NOT a Colour Melt.

Surcharge of £10 may occur for extra thick or long hair

It’s just a simple one all over colour and tone. 

Express Toner

from £45

Quick semi permanent touch up with toner run through the rest of your hair. On average it will take between 30-45min. In and Out and that's with complimentary Blow Dry!

Blonde Me Please

First Time

from £80

First time going blonde all over your head? This means not leaving any roots out, just all your head getting blonder. Please bare in mind that this service will depend on personal hair circumstances as some of our Guests will be able to have this service and some will have to go through Colour Correction process.

Roots Re-Blonde + Toner

This service is available only for those who have been to our First Time Service. We will re-bleach your hair and tone hair giving it nice new colour and shine.

Cut Cut Cut

Trim After Colour*


Little trim just after colour is what we all need to make that colour complete and hair look fresh and fabulous! Bare in mind this is only a trim!

*designed for post colour same day service

Make Over Cut After Colour*

from £35

Tired of same style? Do you want something new to compliment your new colour? You really need A Make Over Cut then!

*designed for post colour same day service

Dust Cut

from £30

Are you growing your hair? Do you just want teeny tiny off? This service is just for you! At your appointment, we will wash hair for you with relaxing head massage (optional) blow dry hair straight and literally just tidy up those ends with the tiniest haircut!

from £30

Wash, Cut and Blow Dry

from £35

Me time and much needed Wash, Cut and Blow Dry with relaxing head massage (optional). How lovely it is to sit down and relax while one of our super Stylists does your hair for You!

A Make Over Cut

from £40

Tired of same style? Do you want something new? You really need A Make Over Cut then! Wash, optional head massage, Restyle Cut and Blow Dry and our amazing refreshments from Coffee Bar! Perfection!

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