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When I bought a chopstick!

So a while ago I was doing food shopping in one of the local supermarkets and I decided to have a look around hair appliances. 

It's nice to see what's on offer for Clients and just to be up to date with what's in the shops.

I decided to put chopstick to the test!

Now, if you're wondering what it is, it looks exactly the same as curling wand, but it's small in diameter and makes tiny curls.

All I had to do next was to find my next "victim"... and here came along Kaylee, my junior stylist.

With natural straight hair, she was perfect. I also wanted to see how the hair will take the heat.

I started at the nape, curling small sections in vertical rows. First row was curled to the left and next to the right. I followed it all over Kaylee's hair but I stopped mid way just to take a photo of my progress. 

It took me just over an hour to curl all the hair and I finished it by putting Wella Oil Reflections and gently brushing hair out with my fingers.

I absolutely loved the result we got from using a chopstick, however for the first time using it, I burnt my fingers probably about 5 times haha! 

Chopstick is perfect if you want to create that perfect, angelic curl! 

I can't wait to try it out on rainbow hair!

Marta ❤

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