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2016 Summary.. and a bit about my year..

2016 is coming to an end and it's time to welcome 2017!

It's been a great year for Hair By Marta and a lot happened during last 12 months. 

We started with amazing class by Paul Callaghan in January. Paul came to us all the way from Glasgow and literally changed my vision of colour forever. I absolutely loved picking up his brains and trying new things out. 

We learnt how to handle balayage in a different way, more free hand painting of the hair and the result was more blended by using colour melt techniques! 

And those vivid colours!! Paul is such a perfectionist! Here is a little glimpse of what we've done during our class! 

After Pauls class salon was booming! We met a lot of new clients and our most requested colours were balayage and colourful hair. It gave me such a boost of energy and I got more creative.

Weeks went by, I met more and more new and lovely people of Market Drayton and surrounding areas. 

We got to June.  I went on holiday for a week to meet my family in Poland and I found out I'm pregnant. I kept getting messages from clients about bookings and I wasn't sure of how I'm goin to feel (previous pregnancy was bad), so I decided to tell everyone that I'm pregnant as I don't believe in 3 months rule and I just couldn't hide my excitement.  I told everyone over facebook that I'm expecting a baby and everyone was so lovely and happy for us. It was so nice to receive so many lovely comments and messages! And then, the same night, the worst thing happened. I miscarried at 6-7 weeks pregnant. I couldn't believe it. I didn't understand how and why.. but I still carried on. Same day as I miscarried was a Prom Day. I just couldn't let down the girls. There was no way I would cancel on their big day even though I just lost a baby. I was numb, hardly smiling, I felt tired but we went through that day and everyone looked gorgeous! Doing hair was the only thing that kept me going and kept me focused.. 

We got then to about September and I heard that amazing Ruby Devine and Crystal are coming to UK from America for a little holiday and they're doing workshop in Norfolk. I nearly bounced off the walls! I booked myself in straight away! 

It was 23rd of October 2016 and I completed Ruby Devine's Surging Technique and Devine Underlights workshop. I must say I was going with mixed feelings, but I think it was all due to not knowing anyone there and so far from home. I met some lovely Ladies and Gents, who were also attending the course and I really enjoyed it! Just to see someone doing hair so well and having so much knowledge, passion and her own history behind doing hair was so inspiring! I couldn't wait to get home and put my new knowledge into practice! 

2016 was great for another great reason -  Kaylee! I was looking for apprentice and after few weeks of searching on and off and nearly giving up, she appeared and stayed! It's so nice to have company and help! From January Kaylee will be taking on her own Clients! ❤ 

I'm really looking forward to 2017, even though in my personal life I'm still coming to terms with what happened but help from family and support from clients means a lot. I can't wait to go to more workshops coming in New Year. I'll be going to Cork in Ireland to meet my hairy friends including Paul Callaghan again! I must be his stalker haha! 

Happy New Year everyone! Can't wait to see you all in the New Year! ❤❤❤xx

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